As the electric energy of summer lingers, the City Chronicles emerges. An exhilarating sequel to “Downtown Dreamers” for AW24. 

Here, the spirit of the city transforms with the seasons, embracing a palette of vibrant, enigmatic tones that echo the twilight of bustling streets. 

This collection is a homage to the city’s ever-evolving story, capturing the essence of its hidden corners and whispered secrets. Fabrics are light yet transformative, perfect for the lingering warmth but adaptable as the season gently shifts.

“City Chronicles” celebrates the dynamism of urban life, where every corner offers a burst of inspiration and every street echoes with the tales of its inhabitants. 

In this collection, every thread weaves into the fabric of urban life, crafting a story that’s waiting to be told.

This collection is not just about embracing the change of seasons; it’s about holding onto the vibrancy of summer dreams, and carrying that energy forward into the unfolding story of the city.